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California Employers: Considerations for California’s Expanded Pay Data Reporting Requirements

California’s passage of SB 1162 expanded the pay data reporting obligations for private employers with 100 or more employees that file annual federal Employer Information Reports (EEO-1) to include employee pay data information in a report to the Civil Rights Department (CRD) (formerly the Department of Fair Employment and Housing). While employers were previously required … Continue Reading

You are Being Monitored for Electronic Surveillance and Automated Management Practices, Says the NLRB

On October 31, 2022, the National Labor Relation Board’s (“NLRB”) General Counsel, Jennifer Abruzzo issued a potentially spooky memorandum for employers regarding electronic surveillance and automated management. The memo sets out to restrict the “omnipresent surveillance” of employees in the advent of work at home culture. Ms. Abruzzo specifically identifies GPS tracking, video surveillance, and key loggers … Continue Reading

For California Electronic and Computing Services Companies, New Processes Required Before Responding to Warrants, Subpoenas and Other Information Requests

In response to the Dobbs decisions, Califoria enacted legislation intended to enhance data privacy and block record requests by other states concerning alleged abortion-related offenses that are lawful in California. In September, California launched a website – – dedicated to abortion access information. The website includes a disclaimer: “California protects your privacy.” On September … Continue Reading