This BakerHostetler Alert was authored by: Vartan S. MadoyanBarri L. FriedlandDiamond M. Hicks, and Sabrina L. Shadi

As Californians get back to business in the new year, we wanted to highlight the following changes to California employment laws for 2015:

  • Mandatory Paid Sick Leave
  • Protections Against Discrimination and Harassment for Unpaid Interns and Volunteers
  • Protection Against Discrimination for Undocumented Persons With Drivers Licenses
  • Employees Receiving Public Assistance Receive Protection Under the California Government Code
  • Unfair Immigration-Related Practices Expanded to Include Threatening to File or Filing a False Report or Complaint With Any State or Federal Agency
  • Prevention of Abusive Conduct Added as a Component of Sexual Harassment Training
  • Increased Liability for Employers That Use Labor Contractors
  • Expanded Statute of Limitations for Liquidated Damages on Minimum Wage Claims
  • Increased Remedies for Child Labor Law Violations
  • Waiting Time Penalties: Additional Penalties and New Avenues to Enforce Existing Penalties
  • Time Off for Emergency Rescue Personnel Performing Emergency Duty
  • Background Checks for Minors: Written Notice to the Parent or Guardian Required
  • Ability to Email Workplace Safety Reports
  • Limiting Ability of OSHA to Modify Civil Penalties for Abatement of Workplace Safety Violations
  • Clarifying Waiting Periods for Healthcare Coverage
  • Contractors Bidding on Public Contracts May Not Ask Applicants for Criminal History Information
  • Prevailing Wage Laws